Tourism industry well prepared to receive foreign visitors during peak season

Cập nhật: 26/09/2023

VOV.VN - The Government has requested that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to be well prepared to receive foreign holidaymakers during peak season starting in September.

In a recently issued resolution, the government asked the ministry to step up communications regarding Vietnam’s new visa policy in international tourist markets. A primary focus is on tourism promotion activities in key international markets such as China, the Republic of Korea, India, and the United Kingdom.

Tourism promotion activities must be carried out in a more methodical and effective manner, the government said in the resolution.

The National Assembly of Vietnam recently approved legislation allowing foreign visitors to extend their –e-visa validity to 90 days as opposed to the current period of 30 days.

During their approved duration, foreigners will be able to enter and exit the nation multiple times, without having to go through new visa procedures.

Foreigners who are subject to visa exemption will duly be granted a temporary residence certificate at international border gates which will be valid for 45 days, as opposed to the current period of 15 days. In addition, they will be considered for visa issuance and temporary residence extension according to regulations.

The new visa policy, due to come into force on August 15, 2023, is anticipated to provide fresh impetus for the tourism industry when the peak international tourism season arrives at the end of the year.

This is a good opportunity for businesses to re-design tourism products with a longer stay, a richer and more attractive schedule to attract visitors from markets with higher affordability, as well as building a more ‘long-term’ business plan.

Vietnam welcomed more than 6.6 million foreign arrivals in the first seven months of this year, meeting 82.5% of the yearly plan. As the peak international tourism season is drawing near, with the new e-visa policy to be put in place the tourism industry is likely to receive up to 10 million foreign visitors this year, beating the 8-million set target.  

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