Russian travel firms unveil plans to bring more tourists to Nha Trang

Cập nhật: 04/12/2023

VOV.VN - Several tour operators in Russia have unveiled plans to organise tours aimed at bringing more Russian tourists to visit the country this winter.

According to details given by newswire Russtd, Russian travel firm Fun&Sun has started selling package tours from Russia to Vietnam for the 2023 to 2024 winter season, with flights to Nha Trang in the southcentral province of Khanh Hoa being planned until March, 2024.

The company’s tours to Vietnam are expected to use connecting flights of SCAT Airlines, with a stop in Almaty in Kazakhstan. This will be a combination of the regular flight Moscow - Almaty route and the charter flight Almaty - Cam Ranh, with these flights departing from Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow twice a week.

A representative of Fun&Sun company revealed that it brought about 3,000 tourists to visit Vietnam last winter through connecting flights via Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

In the 2023 to 2024 winter period, the company will provide tours from Russia to Vietnam during a period of 49 days, which is longer than that of many other markets such as Thailand, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), or Turkey.

Vietnam represents one of the top destinations for Russian tourists in Southeast Asia, behind Thailand and Indonesia. According to projection made by Russian travel companies, the number of Russian tourists coming to Vietnam and Malaysia in the 2023 to 2024 winter period may exceed the same period from last year.

Meanwhile, Coral Travel, another travel firm in Russia, is also looking for further opportunities to bring Russian tourists to Vietnam in this timeframe.

“We are very hopeful about the possibility of resuming flights to Vietnam as direct flights will help increase demand for this winter destination," said a representative of Coral Travel.

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