Foreign tourists impressed with week-long trip to Sapa with two kids

Cập nhật: 06/11/2023

VOV.VN - Insider newspaper of the United States recently released an article about a foreign traveler and her two kids who came to experience a wonderful week-long trip to Sa Pa in the nation’s northern mountainous region.

“I traveled on an overnight sleeper train through Vietnam with 2 kids. It was the best night's sleep on my weeklong trip,” said author Alexandra Karplus.

“Taking the train is a right decision for her family as the cabin was super clean with white sheets and fluffy duvets. There was a tray with four bananas, packs of Oreos, tea bags, wet wipes, toothbrushes, and bottles of water waiting for us on the bedside table,” she added.

“Facilities on the train were better than she expected,” the writer shared.

Most notably, some of the challenges faced along the way helped to motivate the kids, Karplus mentioned, adding that it was while wading through rivers and ducking under trees that the kids were happiest.

The kids also learned a lot over a home-cooked dinner, the author wrote, describing a stop at one woman's home for lunch.

The dishes served included slices of pork stir-fried with carrots, wild fern that had been plucked earlier had been cooked up with garlic, boiled pumpkin in a bowl, and piles of fried spring rolls with a spicy dipping sauce. All of them had been cooked in a large wok over the open fire in the room next door.

Retelling the story the following day on a call to her grandma, her eight-year-old daughter was most excited about the pets.

After four days of exploring the region, 28 miles of trekking, and a night spent on the creaky floor of the homestay, the group were all happy to get back on to the train for another good night's sleep, the writer shared while heading back to Hanoi.

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