Foreign media outlet suggests things to do in Hanoi

Cập nhật: 07/11/2023

VOV.VN - South China Morning Post (SCMP) of Hong Kong (China) recently published an article highlighting Hanoi, which is just a two-hour flight away, as both satisfyingly “foreign” whilst being quintessentially Asian.

Taking a stroll anywhere around the more popular parts of the capital and guests will be greeted with a gently clanging bell to announce the presence of a cyclo, a traditional Vietnamese rickshaw, with its rider looking for potential passengers, author Ed Peters wrote.

Food is one of the main delights of any trip to Vietnam. Indeed, “Street food” gets a mention, with the chicken noodles at Pho Ga Nguyet snagging a Bib Gourmand from Michelin that signifies a place that serves good food at moderate prices.

While Michelin’s arrival may shake things up, long-established restaurants such as Madame Hien remain hugely popular. Housed in a century-old, high-ceilinged mansion with a secluded courtyard, where Vietnamese classics such as duck cooked with green tea, daikon and mango costs just US$12.

Similarly, unadorned by Michelin stars, Cha Ca La Vong does what it says on the sign outside. The name refers to a boneless river catfish, which is fried at the table with fresh dill and spring onions, whilst it is eaten with rice noodles, cilantro, and roasted peanuts, the author noted.

In addition to souvenirs, there are plenty of well-made lacquerware, silk, and hand embroidery which can be snapped up in the mainstream shops around the Old Quarter and in adjacent districts.

Two steps removed from the tourist track but only a few hundred metres north of the Old Quarter lies Dong Xuan Market, which is a many-winged, three-storied hub of organised chaos. It is worth visiting simply for the spectacle, although prices are also realistic.

In parts, the aisles are so narrow that two people can barely fit past each other, whilst traders sit enthroned atop their wares, including clothing, fabrics, shoes, household goods, dried food, and myriad other odds and ends.

The ground floor hosts a fountain and seats, with the street outside at weekends transformed into a night market, whilst at Dong Xuan itself, the enjoyment of shopping is rivalled by that of just soaking up the vibe.

When all is said and done, taking in the atmosphere of the historic Vietnamese capital is the best reason to enjoy a break in Hanoi, the news outlet concluded.

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